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Ambulance service to carry patients or the dead body 

Ambulance Type

  • AC Ambulance service
  • Non-Ac Ambulance service
  • Freezing Ambulance service
  • NICU Ambulance service
  • ICU Ambulance service

Faridpur Ambulance Service Number

Dhaka – faridpur Ambulance Rental list

Dhaka to – faridpur sadar ambulance Rent, 7000 Tk.

Dhaka – Bangga ambulance service Rent, 6500 Tk.

Boalmari ambulance service Rent, 9000 Tk.

Charhadrason Ambulance service Rent, 9000 Tk.

Alfadanga Ambulance service Rent, 9000 Tk.

Modhukhali Ambulance service Rent, 9000 Tk.

Nagarkanda Ambulance service Rent, 8500 Tk.

Sadarpur Ambulance service Rent, 8500 Tk.

Salta Ambulance service Rent, 9000 Tk.

More Ambulance

Freezing Ambulance service

An emergency freezing Ambulance service in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is a dead body carrier ambulance. It has freezing box in it. The freezer ambulance can intact the dead body several hours and days.

Details of freezing ambulance

  1. Freezer ambulance is used to transfer the dead body from one place to another.
  2. Freezer ambulance’s temperature is (-7) degree so there is no bad odor from the body, and the body is free from the virus.
  3. This freezing ambulance rent is something more than a normal ambulance, it’s will be charge Dhaka city aria = (2500-3000) Tk. Another rent of freezer ambulance according to destination and Waiting for a charge per hours= 600/= Six hundred Taka only any place of Bangladesh.
  4. High quality steel stretchers keeping the dead body.
  5. There are lighting facilities inside to see the body.
  6. There is a good side glass to see the dead body from outside.
  7. We clean the car by date or seven after completed the duty.
More Abbulance

ফরিদপুরের এ্যাম্বুলেন্স চালকের নাম্বার 

কালাম, হাড়োকান্দি 01716341395

রাব্বি, হাড়োকান্দি 01733268922

রফিক, পশ্চিম খাবাশপুর 01710114816

সাজ্জাদ, মুন্সিবাজার 01715923841

জাফর, হাড়োকান্দি 01757708513

জামাল, হাড়োকান্দি 01724586217

রাকিব, হাড়োকান্দি 01722812221

তুহিন, মুন্সিবাজার 01715530545

জুয়েল, কানাইপুর 01721904925

রুমি, হাড়োকান্দি 01722302026

ফারুক শেখ-পশ্চিম খাবাসপুর 01753721648

মোঃ ইজাজুল মোল্লা, 01757252279

মোঃ জুয়েল মোল্লা-01721904925

মোঃ জহুরুল ইসলামফরিদপুর মেডিকেল এর সামনে  01717350343/01811371226

মোঃ নিশাদ শিকদার, 01715762673/01917324549

মোঃ রবিউল ইসলাম ফিরোজ, 01730623680/01715427531

মোঃরিফাত, 01741465717/01703201854

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Patient point –Partner Ambulance

24 Hours Ambulance Contact: 01715-530545, 01712-232340.999 included. Md Aminul Islam Tuhin

      Patient point –Partner Ambulance 
  • Mr. Saiyed  = 01728-279389
  • Mr. Babu = 01712-945227 / 01728-938887
  • Khan Rubel = 01730-972302

Cardiac Ambulance Driver Mr. Samiul = 01716-330068
ICU Ambulance Driver = 01712-131834
United Hospital Cardiac Ambulance Diver = 01914-001234
Dead Body Freezer Ambulance Driver Hanif = 01716-269038